Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tintin and the Volgonian Lovehound

I took Bondi into London city on Friday as I'd booked a post-driving-around-Europe massage near Liverpool Street Station. After that, it was off to the (soon to be remains of - ) Spitalfields Markets and some lunch. We walked westwards past the Barbican and Guildhall schools to Covent Garden. Along the way a rotund man asked the usual set of questions to which you give the replies malamute, MALAMUTE, 7, no, malamute. A little old lady next to him asked what breed Bondi was, and the man said He's a Volgonian lovehound dearie!

Near Covent Garden we stopped in at the Tintin store, where storekeeper insisted that Bondi come in for photos. Posted by Picasa

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