Friday, February 03, 2006

Au revoir

Tonight is our last night in Blightyland before the 2 month Parisian adventure begins. It's off to Dover early tomorrow morning for the Calais ferry, and then a 2.5hr drive to Paris. I'm not looking forward to driving in Paris at all, but the car is to go straight into a longterm garage ASAP.

It will be interesting hearing the Parisian reactions to Bondi. In Spain, I would hear many different adjectives being used, but the enormous English lexicon gets exercised little further than BIG and HUGE.

On Tuesday I visited the (British) National Archives at Kew. After I got my Reader's Card, it was not more than 1/2 an hour before I was handling a large pay or "muster" book for HMS Neptune for 1805. In addition to the records of my ancestor getting his 2/11 each month(?) as an Able Seamen, there were pages of names of French and Spanish prisoners taken during that period.Posted by Picasa

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