Thursday, February 09, 2006

Calmars parlants d'espace extra-atmosphérique visite le milieu

Pompidou squid (1) Pompidou squid (2)
Please note that Talking Squids in Outer Space should not be confused with the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Anyhoo, where were we? Or, où étions-nous ? (Thank you to the little fish in my ear for that one!)

Today's class was fairly entertaining. We did some work on pronunciation, so that if you ever have to buy an egg at 9 o'clock in Nevers (ie in Nevers Nivere land): you can cope with J'acheté un oeuf a neuf heures a Nevers. But what is “Never never land” in French? “Le pays du jamais jamais”?

Folies bergere (around the corner from the school)From our classroom reading exercise Moliere est mort en interpretant "Le Malade imaginaire" I could only deduce that Moliere was a VERY bad actor.

We also learnt to separate au milieu from le milieu: "Je suis au milieu de la foule" (I am in the middle of a crowd) vs "Je sors dans le milieu" (I go out in gay/lesbian bars). Your choice of au or le depends on whether you want a preposition or a proposition.

Seen and noted: Jack Benny's 74th 39th birthday is coming up (only 70 ahead of me!), and interested parties are invited to celebrate.

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