Monday, February 13, 2006

La Mouffe

This grey Sunday morning I wanted to visit Rue Mouffetard a little south of the Latin Quarter. We passed the Pantheon again, heading over the hill past the Radium Institute and then to the narrow winding "La Mouffe" itself, a market street that was once a Roman Road. It's a little like being on a food-oriented Portobello Road, but a bit more touristy and definitely less busy. I had lunch on a pavement table, a delicious chicken tagine with potatoes drenched in lemon and swimming in dozens of olives.

Bondi on la Mouffe

The omigosh-it's-a-beautiful-but-alien-city sheen is starting to wear off, and after a week I'm starting to feel like I'm walking around a city I know well. Certainly I have strong memories from my 2 week stay in December 2002, but the sense of familiarity seems a bit premature. It's partnered by recurring homesickness for Sydney, but I always answer that nagging with a "well what the hell would I do on return anyway?".
20060212 Rue Mouffetard
Finished reading David Langford's short-story collection Different Kinds of Darkness. Some very fine writing there.

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