Saturday, February 25, 2006

Muzzles and macho men

Le Loup BlancWhile Bondi can travel freely on London's tube and buses, dogs may not travel on the Paris Metro (unless it's a pocket-size ratdog owned by a tres vieille folle). They may travel on the RER (train) network if they are muzzled and you pay their fare. The first muzzles I saw here were priced at 50, and then I found an XL-sized nylon model for 23€. Bondi has never been muzzled before - it scarcely being necessary - so I hope the investment is worth it.

My observation is that the folks who are most afraid of Bondi are usually large males ( typically of the macho security guard variety ) who seem to project onto him what they would like to have in a large dog. I was once about to tell one such guard not to act like a little girl when he started carrying on, but little girls don't behave that way - they come over and play with his ears. Interestingly, police (men and women alike) have absolutely no problem with him. I guess the benefit is that he is a great filter for people you don't want around without actually bothering the nice folks.

He's also great at drawing out people's first language - from out of a Francophone conversation you'll suddenly hear a Babel of blasphemy: "Mein gott"," Jesus-freekin' Christ", ...

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