Sunday, February 26, 2006

Une danse de neuf mois

Today marks 9 months since we left Sydney & touched down in London. Not sure where it's all leading, but it's a bloody sight better than hanging around an office.

I should really have stayed in bed for the day, but I wanted to get Bondi out for a good walk. So after letting him play with other doggies outside of Saint Eustache for an hour, we took off for a 10km stroll via Le Marais, La Place de La Republique and Belleville. Looking at the map afterwards, it seems that I subconsciously followed the outline of Bart Simpsonstein as I chopped and changed from one interesting looking street to another.

Leaving the arts & garments of the top end of the 4th arondissement, the 10th ,11th & 20th were dominated by mixes of Asian, North African and Arabic communities. Nothing really caught my eye, although the cabaret Le Zebre de Belleville might be worth an evening visit, if only for the interiors. Edith Piaf was supposedly born under a lamp-post on rue de Belleville some 90 years ago, and began her singing career on these streets. Perhaps that's the reason why those fabulous old ladies in The Triplets of Belleville haunted that area.

I was rather relieved to be back at the studio after the walk, which had not been tiring, but my damned cough was returning. Read Charles Higson's Getting Rid of Mister Kitchen, cooked some salmon for dinner and went to bed early.

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