Saturday, February 18, 2006

Une rhume sans la vue

Teddy Bear's Tryptych
I'm scraping myself out of bed today after two days of awful head-cold and fever. Bondi must have a bad case of cabin-fever after being cooped up here with a couple of tres-vite walks a day which pretty much use up all my energy for anything other than rearranging my pillows and changing DVDs.

I think he tried to cheer me up by enlisting to play "indoor chasies" which has nothing to do with speed, and is basically all about feinting out the other player. When he was much younger it was usually played around the dining room table or through interlocking rooms, but it quickly evolved to a series of quick feints and slow "pursuits". When he's in off-leash areas, Bondi always wants to be chased by the other dogs, but I don't think this has ever happened since he was about 4 months old, so I usually have to run around for a while. Other dogs may start chasing me, but they never catch on that Bondi is the ultimate target.

my neighbourhhood: Les Halles + L 'Eglise de St Eustache

While I was absent from class, my classmates (those well enough to attend) only reviewed prepositions, direction giving (Less angst please Ophelia!) and some simple vocab which will be easy to catch up.

Chris - ValentineChris is flying in this afternoon for the weekend. Maybe he can explain the very mysterious (albeit very clever) Valentine's Day card that arrived today...

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  1. Chris5:54 am

    No, sorry, I have no idea who the valentine's card can be from, but he's obviously very clever. I hope I don't have competition :'-(