Sunday, February 12, 2006

Walking the streets


We set off eastwards around 11 and got to the Place de la Bastille fairly quickly, where I quickly scanned the street artist stalls lining the boulevards to the north. I went into the FNAC near the Opera Bastille, and browsed while Bondi curled up on the floor of the classical music department. I collected an interesting new ECM album: Stephen Stubbs - Teatro Lirico - sonatas & dances from 17th century Italy and Slovakia, with some improvisations on the Folia bass. I walked a little distance further east along Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, but it quickly lost its appeal, turning into a dull suburban high street, so we turned back towards the Opera.

Then it was off along the canal to the Seine and we turned back westwards (photo above) to the Île Saint-Louis, and on to the left bank, where we circled the area of the Pantheon, lunched and circled the area a bit more while I tried to find a particular bookstore that I'd discovered a few years before. No luck there, and we'd been out walking for about 5 hours, so we headed towards Les Halles, with a little detour along the base of the Île de la Cité.
DSC04266 DSC04267DSC04269  DSC04272 

DSC04268Earlier in the week I was accosted by an Australian woman who was asking about Bondi's breed, and obviously got a kick out of his name, but (as usual) didn't pick up on my being Australian. It was just outside the furiously hip store Colette - which I also remembered from my previous visit. Some of the staff went completely gaga over Bondi, and one guy was practically delirious. I have certainly noticed that French men are - in general - warmer towards dogs than in other countries. Usually it's just women and kids who approach Bondi or reach out a hand to stroke him as he passes, but guys do it here as well. I met a lovely older lady this morning (lovely even though she was wearing more fur than a grizzly), who said that she was glad she had seen Bondi that morning as it gave her more oomph for the rest of the day. I wished I had more French under my belt to talk to her more, as I sensed some deep sadness.

That's one of the things about walking the streets with Bondi - everyone assumes you're a local - and I guess the tourists that I meet or pass think we're part of the exotic scenery.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I have a blog on this website too and I just came across yours today. I havent had a chance to read many of your entries and I was just wondering what you are doing. Are you just traveling around and going to school at the same time in different countries? I wish I could do what you are doing! I am so jealous! Bondi is SO cute.