Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Category 5 Pronouns

Bondi scouts out kids and old ladies on Rue Montorgueil this afternoon.

When I looked at my first worksheet for today's class I read

Les pronoms de la catégorie 5...

Hurricane Larry crossed Australia's coast this week as a Category 5 storm, so I was a little peturbed by the possibility that I was about to encounter some lethal pronouns without so much as an anorak (for French readers, that's un anorak!). My next question was "are they all dangerous, or is it just him or her... hmmm ... I bet's it's them". Perhaps I had not enough on my mind, or maybe I had just watched one Family Guy episode too many*:

"in local news we have more on the approach of Hurricane Rue Paul making his or her way up the coast".

*Family Guy is one of the few TV shows that actually has a couple of resident composers and an orchestra to serve up regular musical sequences, such as this rather uncomfortable parody [via Malcontent]. I coughed my way through a few seasons of the show on DVD while I was sick in bed recently.

Bondi's overdue for a glucosamine shot to help him lumber around more comfortably. A large pinkish lump has appeared on the back of his left foreleg, and is giving him more discomfit than usual in that limb. I stopped into a nearby vétérinaire, and surprised myself by being able to describe what he needed and made an appointment for tomorrow.

Alert ears on Wicks Road in North Ryde, around the corner from my old office...

The French don't have dust bunnies: they have moutons de la poussière - "sheep of dust", or as an Australian might say it "mutton dressed up as dirt". Either way it appears that a few quivers of an electron quickly became the titanic dust bunnies (or sheep) we know as galaxies after the Big Bang.

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