Monday, March 13, 2006

Ce n'est pas grave

Chopin's resting place at the Cemetery of Père Lachaise.

Chris came over from London for the weekend. We went into the Pompidou Centre on Saturday afternoon, lining up for ages at the external bag-check so we could get to the longer internal lines for the exhibits or movies. In the end we just elected to browse around and have some extraordinarily over-priced and bad-tasting coffee.

Sunday was bright and sunny, but still quite chilly. We marched through the Marais, through the Bastille markets and onto Père Lachaise. I scanned the noticeboard for names of the famous, noting Chopin, Bizet, Oscar Wild, Edith Piaf, Moliere, Rossini and Jim Morrison. Moliere was one of the first (reburied) inhabitants of the 202 yr-old cemetery, but the 800 yr old remains of Abélard and Héloïse were also added. The first link above gives a virtual walk-through, and indicates other names such as Gertrude Stein and Simone Signoret.

Chopin's grave was the only one of those noted that I actually found (intentionally). Jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani (1962-1999) is buried two plots over from Chopin. We found Moliere's grave by accident, as well as the flower-strewn plot of singer Gilbert Becaud.


  1. Chris3:48 am

    And my two favourite phrases of the weekend: "How can it be called a mine when it's all theirs!?" (a little obscure out of context perhaps, so watch "Straightjacket", which also contains a great rendition of a song called Two Kinds of Love), and "Est-ce que tu plein?" which I liked to classify as another "phrase with more mistakes than words", but in a lovely way, translating it as "Do you full?" (Mike likes to verbify everything :-)

    A serious moment, though, for Mike's leg, which was almost broken when he leapt, rather heroically, over a wall. Ask him how high it was, go on, ask him.

    Oh, and we saw a very nice wall, well, more of a kerb really. Of course, in no way related to the wall in the previous paragraph.

  2. This is the movie Straight-Jacket.

    ...and I was leaping ONTO the wall...which turned out to have a slick surface that I slid along.

    Speaking of kerbing...

  3. Straight-Jacket link: