Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chirac contre l'anglais

Weblog - Charles Bremner - Times Online: Chirac contre l'anglais

Thanks to David M, who brought this blog, and hence article to my attention. Bremner is Paris Correspondent for The Times.

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  1. We in France know Chirac, who is smarter than he seems, and this kind of declaration is often a "manoeuvre" to get out of an uncomfortable situation.
    Also, I should add that that it is part of the protocole to speak the language of your chief when he's in the room at this kind of meeting so I think Mr Seillières wasn't completely right when he spoke in English (regardless of debates over English being a more commonly used language etc..).

    Ho and thanks for your post on "grups" and don't worry if you're one.. it's not a desease!