Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ma belle-mere est le plus ...

Our school's end of session picnic also marked the end of my lessons as a faux débutante, and I'll be starting intermediate-level classes on Monday. Everyone contributed generously to the picnic spread with an abundance of wine, cheeses, nachos, sandwich-fillings and sweet things ... including a rather special apricot & lavender tart.

Our last few lessons concentrated on use of comparative terms. Celine was amusingly taken aback by my completion of Paris est la capitale... with ...qui a les tourists plus cultivés du monde. The mood in the class was rather relaxed, especially with the picnic wine imminent, and I somehow managed to turn a good part of the exercise into a stream of mother-in-law 'belle-mere' jokes.

Post picnic, post-plonk, I conked out for an afternoon nap, and then took Bondi out for an early evening stroll around my 'hood.

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