Sunday, March 26, 2006

Maisons aux Chocolat et Hot-Dog

The wet weather continues, but it's time for the Saturday marathon walk. The ultimate destination was the FNAC on the Avenue des Ternes, a little north of the Arc de Triomphe. I'd a late night downloading a new build of Windows Vista. While that was happening Bondi and I had a little midnight walk - I grabbed a cinnamon crépe from a street vendor and we did a circle through the Marais. Rising late, over breakfast I filed a swathe of bugs, mainly reactivating issues that some person had bulk-closed out in advance of the new build.

So it was off through Rue Montorgueil, stopping into Art Corpus so that David could inspect my tattoo, then into the new Starbucks as I was feeling too lazy to carry a thermos of my own (superior) brew all day. The weather was deteriorating as we forged west, through the Opera district, and the Madeleine, before joining up with Rue St Honoré du Faubourg, which would eventually turn into the Avenue des Ternes. The area seemed to be buzzing with both police and Australians (overheard).

At some point I found myself outside a La Maison du Chocolate and decided to inspect the goodies. One could be forgiven for immediately exiting the shop after seeing the prices: a box the size of Cadbury Roses might set you back as much as €100. I didn't really feel like picking out a selection by weight, as that tends to result in something horrifically expensive, so I went for a 30-piece box of chocs sans nuts or nut-puree (not an allergy, just a preference) for a more reasonable price. Sampling some now - oops choccy fingers - I must say that while "nice", they don't stand up to the marvellous, and undoubtedly less pricey concoctions from Haigh's in Adelaide, Australia which must be easily the best I've had anywhere. (I see they have a Sydney store now... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

I had a pleasant hour looking around FNAC after that: the store being more congenial than the Les Halles rabbit-warren. Bondi crashed out in a few spots around the store while I listened to CDs. Lunch at Angie's Cafe on the way up to the Arc de Triomph - the owner cleared some chairs for Bondi to crash out again near the doorway. Finished reading Andrew Crumey's Mobius Dick, a standout novel interweaving Melville, Mann, Schumann, and quantum mechanics, yet being very readable and humorous.

Then the slow, wet downhill return along the Champs Élysées. A hotdog vendor offered Bondi some of his wares in exchange for some photos. Posted by Picasa

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