Sunday, March 05, 2006

Monsieur & Mademoiselle Vague

One of the teachers from my school performs as Mademoiselle Vague, and about ten students turned up to watch her tonight in a basement venue not far from the school. The first set was "Monsieur" on vocals/guitar, with MV on keyboards/percussion and an excellent drummer and a saxophonist/bass clarinetist. To my ears, Serge Gainsbourg was a strong influence. I couldn't understand much of the lyrics, bar some rubbishy song called J'aime mon chien. If I had to make a more modern comparison, based on vocal style and arrangements alone, then I'd probably say a speeded-up version of Tindersticks, and a little bit like Les Petites Bourrettes.

After the break, MV was on vocals with rather different material splendidly acted for us. Acoustics were surprisingly good for what is basically a restaurant cellar. [ I just wish that the acoustics of the apartment on the other side of my studio wall were less ideal at 1.30am - they're currently playing Funkytown! ]

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