Friday, March 10, 2006

Moon over Paris

Slow day.

A classroom exercise involved describing a curiosity of my country. I opted for the platypus, struggling over whether to refer to its snout (le groin) or muzzle (le museau) . My teacher had never heard of the platypus: and thought I was making it up when I got to the egg-laying and the poisonous spur. One of the other students used his drawing talents to sketch one. It may help in future if more of the class respond to the new Australian Tourism campaign (whose ads have been banned in the UK).

Afternoon stroll around the glass pyramid inside the main square of the Louvre. Picked up a piano transcription of the Faure song Après un rêve from the Alphonse Leduc music store on rue Saint-Honore. The rue Montmartre produce market had assembled as I was getting back home. Some of the stallholders are getting to know his pawedship and so I get a friendly wave and Ça va? as I pass through.

Watched a brilliant short French film L'Homme Sans Tête (Man Without Head) and finished Tim Powers' short story collection Strange Itineraries.

Lastly: took Bondi out for a late-evening canter & decanting. A funny old dear in a leopard-skin pillbox hat (and a bold slash of lipstick that suggested that she might have just downed and polished off an antelope) took a shine to him and carried on excitedly for a while (I caught maybe a quarter of what she said), punctuating each sentence with a kiss to his forehead.

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