Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pocas Nueces

More pronominal French in today's class (que vs qui vs ou) and coverage of common similes. We tied this up with a game of Taboo! a party game where each team has to guess a word described by one of its members, and where 5 common referents for that word are taboo!

Then it was off on the metro to Les Sablons and a short walk thence to Le Jardin d'Acclimatation where a friend of Marta was directing scenes for a short film. Four of us turned up to be extras, but as the production schedule was running hours behind due to technical issues, we had lunch and walked around the park to view the mainly child-centric attractions.

Le Jardin comprises children's activity areas for climbing, jumping, sliding through tubes (comme moi, above), swinging on ropes etc; with amusement park rides, a petting zoo, and even a couple of spectacular (and spectacularly bored) brown bears. It was still fascinating to watch the bears, who seemed to share so much body language (and even body mass) with Bondi.

After a few hours we returned to watch some of the filming: mostly a rather tedious process. With time running out, and the necessity for many children as extras for a circus-audience, we spent a further 45 minutes seated in a permanent circus-tent while the four principal actors were shot arriving at their seats and reacting to some of the show. For that, we got a few squares of bubblegum. Definitely not as entertaining as my acting effort in Wales last year: my screen-career is heading downhill faster than Jar Jar Binks'.

This film Pocas Nueces ("Few Nuts") is a pretty international affair, with a Spanish and Albanian cast, a script written in English but translated to Spanish, and a totally polyglot crew with English as lingua-franca.

The day was rounded out with 7 members of the class plus some hangers-on dining out in the Marais prior to the gradual dissolution of the class over the coming week. It's a little sad as we're enjoying the classroom experience so much and the increasing number of impromptu outings. The group is very mixed: Australian, Pole, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, South African, German, Spaniard, and Nigerian-born Scot; age-range 18-42 (although I've been granted time off for weird behaviour) and 4 males/5 females. Although English is our primary shared language, I'm the only person who has it as first language. Posted by Picasa

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