Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time for bad weather!

From yesterday's dire weather one would think that Spring had dropped in for a brief aperitif and then sprung out again like Zebedee exiting for bed. The sun reappeared after 5pm, and so with daylight saving in place, we were able to squeeze in a couple of hours walking through Saint-Germain.

I stopped for some cafe crème somewhere - but neither barista nor cream seemed to have participated in its creation. I think I'll have to wait until I get back to London in 10 days or so for a decent cup. An Australian I encountered at the school mentioned the Cafe Malongo chain, but at their Saint-Germain outlet I got the same overheated watery muck as at other venues. I can see why Parisians are starting to gravitate towards Starbucks, but even that's only one step up the chain with its overpriced milky muck.

I'm enjoying Geoff Dyer's Paris Trance, beautiful prose about a couple of 20-something guys spending time in Paris, their aching love for the women they meet there. I'm keen to get to Dyer's earlier D.H.Lawrence-inspired Out of Sheer Rage which I've had sitting in a shelf or a box for years now. I may still be waiting to get over the trauma of a high-school English class where we had been studying Lawrence's Sons & Lovers. I had been "asked" to study up the central character Paul Morel for Q&A by the rest of the class. One of the first questions was "How did I find Miriam's bush?" 30-odd 16-17 year olds then spent the remainder of the class cackling like horny hyenas.

Soundtrack for this week has been Jane Birkin's Fictions, Gonzalez' Solo Piano, and This Melodramatic Sauna's " les fleurs éclosent à l’ombre”. Posted by Picasa

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