Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cake walk

[Sniffing the breeze on Pont Neuf]

I had nothing planned for today other than tattoo touch-up work, and that has been deferred till Tuesday. Instead I had a haircut, the real test of my French lessons. Who knew that "a little off the sides" would be interpreted as pigtails? Afterwards I breakfasted outdoors on Rue Montorgueil while the weather tried to make up its mind. Finished off Geoff Dyer's Paris Trance, laughing out loud at a scene toward the end where some of the characters parody Brief Encounter for their friend's birthday. If you've read Fitzgerald or Lawrence there's some obvious reworking; the final paragraph reminds me of that from Sons & Lovers. At the end, Dyer includes a glossary of text "samples" from Hemingway (who I haven't read) sprinkled through the novel.

I wish I'd written down a few of the lines I enjoyed, both serious and comic, but I gave the book to Marta later that afternoon when I met up with her, Liane, Satoko & Céline at Les Philosophes for coffee and a surfeit of rich cake. Hugged Liane goodbye. On the way home I picked up a copy of the "pirated edition" of the parody Les Adventures de Tintin: Tintin Contre Batman from one of the booksellers stationed along the left-bank of the Seine.

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  1. Just got a link to your blog from a mal-lover email list. loved it! And was excited to learn that Bondi is from Seattle. I work with WA State malamute rescue. WAMAL. Will be passing on a link to your blog to our volunteers. It's great. is the mal rescue site, btw.