Sunday, April 30, 2006

Passing the river

This afternoon we walked along the Thames from Kew Bridge to Richmond. The first part of the journey takes you along the northern edge of Kew Gardens with a view across to Syon House, the last ducal estate in Greater London and the location for much of the film Gosford Park.

It's not long before most of the traces of surrounding London disappear, and once the walkway dropped to river level Bondi was able to take a cooling dip. Further along we spied a heron although I just missed catching a photo of it on the wing. Closer to Richmond, many people were stopped by the water's edge watching the tumult in a heron's nest across the river. Chris took their noise to be a passing train.

As we approached the riverside pubs of Richmond, we saw that the water level had climbed high enough to cut off the pathway for about 100m. Many people turned back to try for some bridge crossings, but we just removed shoes, rolled up trousers and waded through. We wrapped up the afternoon with lunch beside the many-arched Richmond Bridge, which is the oldest bridge over the Thames in Greater London. It's about 50yrs older than Australia's oldest surviving bridge - also Richmond Bridge - which Bondi and I picnicked by during our tour of Tasmania in May 2004.

Returning to Brentford, Bondi had his first ever bus-ride - suitably on a red London double-decker - handling it with his usual aplomb. Posted by Picasa


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