Monday, April 17, 2006

Skiddin' on the keys

[Saturday: Casio store]
Earlier this week I visited the house of a friend of Chris, and tinkered around on the piano for a while - my first real session on a piano since leaving Australia nearly 11 months ago. Ouch, what a mess. I felt rather depressed by it for several days.

Yesterday, Chris and I tubed into central London with Bondi, without any special agenda. We exited at Covent Garden, grabbed some Flat Whites at Monmouth Coffee House, and then meandered via Old Compton, Carnaby and Oxford Streets to Hyde Park. We passed a Casio store and I noticed that they had little touch-weighted digital pianos. The little Privia PX-110DK I tried was nice enough, especially given its small weight, but didn't give as good a first impression as the Korg I tried in Paris last month. I miss having access to a piano ( both of mine are out on indefinite loan ) - but one large black & white object to travel with is enough.

While I was absent buying teas at a refreshment house in Hyde Park, Chris reported that a young child asked if Bondi was a crocodile.

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