Friday, April 07, 2006


Bondi had his pre-travel shots today: to cross back to the UK he has to have worm and tick treatment between 24 & 48 hours before embarking. So for our Paris-Calais journey on Saturday, the time for the ferry booking had to be calculated off availability of vet, check-out period for the apartment and driving time. We also have to get to the ferry terminal an hour early for Bondi's papers to be checked. It was a little easier to manage when we were in Cherbourg preparing for a crossing in December.

When I first visited the vet here two weeks ago, he was a bit dubious about my French language skills and Bondi's behaviour, but today it was a regular love-fest. He spoke to me for several minutes in French about the innoculation record before realising that I might have been expecting English, and spoils Bondi with treats everytime we so much as pass his office.

Despite some occasionally noisy neighbours and our pocket-sized occasionally-working elevator I will miss our 28 square metres of Parisian turf. I was in a stationery store in the Marais earlier in the week, when the sales assistant asked if I lived near Rue Montorgueil - "your dog's famous!". Chris predicted that I would become "l'homme avec le chien" and so it came to be...

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