Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bondi on steroids

We drove down to the orthopaedic veterinary clinic in Surrey early this morning. The vet looked at Bondi's X-rays and said that while there was evidence of slight arthritis in his elbow, there was nothing materially visible in the shoulder. In fact one of the items called out for attention by my referring vet here was actually Bondi's micro-chip sitting in front of the joint! Manipulation of the joints of that leg produced just as much irritation (ok he squealed like a girl) as doing the same thing to the other foreleg - again not helpful in diagnosing the problem.

Since the problem is likely multifactorial, arthroscopic viewing might not show anything operable. I elected to take the option of having Bondi receive a steroid injection to the shoulder, and get some additional X-rays done while he was under anaesthesia.

I left him there and continued onto Brighton for a few hours. When I picked him up after 4pm, the vet said that the X-rays only confirmed arthritis in both elbows, and the other tests were inconclusive. So we'll see how the steroid injection pans out over the next 6 weeks, and if there's no improvement, put him onto a daily dose of the drug Rimadyl.

Google called again and convinced me to have a phone interview with one of their US product managers for next week.


  1. Christine12:28 am

    Auw poor Bondi, let's hope the steroid injection helps a bit.

    Hope to see you soon,
    Christine (Chris's friend who's flatmate's piano you tinkled with)

  2. Oh it's me again, did i tell you that day that I bumped into you and Bondi after i left the dentist that i 'knew' before hand that i would bump into you both ... very strange !