Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chiswick Mall

Bondi's doing well today following yesterday's veterinary work. He was rather groggy into yesterday evening but is now fully able to lie around the flat without any danger of falling over.

Spent half the morning to trying to arrange payment for the vet. When I picked him up yesterday I kept getting declined errors on my credit card, and then - despite proximity to London - couldn't get a cell-phone signal to call my bank. When I finally reached them in Australia, they'd closed. So I had to make many many apologies and promise to clear it up this morning.

Contacted the bank today, who said the funds were there and it should have been OK. So I called the vets and they tried again and it still didn't work. So I tried transferring more money to my account and that didn't work either: "insufficient funds". Called the bank again (this was getting to be very expensive) and they said it was a problem with the terminal at this end and we'd just have to keep trying. I had to call the vet's office again and say that if it didn't work by the end of today, that I'd drive down and pay them in cash from an ATM (a nice three hour round journey!)

It'd be nice to be able to open a bank account here (also saving a 2.5% levy every time I spend anything) but that's not possible in the UK without a load of utility bills, even if you were born here.

Spent the middle part of the day with my friend David, who is bouncing backwards and forwards between Canada, UK and France trying to figure out his own working future, post-MBA and a year off. He's landed in digs not far from me, so we met up in Chiswick for coffee, trekked down to Richmond while I ran some errands, and then back to Chiswick. His landlord suggested we try the nearby walk along Chiswick Mall on the north side of the Thames, and see if we could drop in on Hogarth's tomb in the nearby church. We couldn't find that - or Whistler's tomb (or mummy) - I suspect because we went to the wrong church. So we admired the Georgian houses with their riverfront gardens separated from the houses by a narrow road. The view across the water is to Barnes, where I walked last week.

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