Monday, May 15, 2006

Planning Ireland

Nothing of interest to photograph this past weekend. I'd bought a new digital camera - a Canon PowerShot S80 - which had the promise of better lenses and higher resolution wrapped up into a smaller package than my current Sony DSC-V1. Unfortunately after 5 photos, it died with an E18 error, basically meaning the motor that drives the lens apparatus is shot and the camera is unusable. I learnt that this is a very common problem with Canon cameras and is liable to bite at any time. Sadly I sent it back and will wait until another manufacturer comes up with something palatable.

Bondi's been in a very good mood, recovering well from his time on the vet's table, so I'm confident he'll be up to speed for our travels through Ireland beginning next week. I've booked an overnight ferry from Swansea (south Wales) to Cork. I could get a shorter ferry ride from further north, but the driving time and petrol costs eliminate any savings there.


  1. Andrew6:31 am

    Totally envious. I wish we were planning a trip to Ireland. We'll definitely compare notes when you get back as Garry and I are planning to take the SAAB on vacation soon.

  2. Bondi7:21 am

    Well, I don't think he should go at all, I'm very tired, and besides, Chris will be lonely.