Thursday, May 25, 2006

Salubrious Swansea

[Tuesday] On the road again: almost the entire extent of the M4, from Chiswick to Swansea, crossing the Severn bridge (above) around 2pm.

Swansea's eastern approach is not very pretty, and the commercial heart is split between slightly decrepit old high street, and bland new high street (and the Salubrious Place multi-storey car park). There's a lot of development going on around the port-district with some new "international bland" nondescriptitude being erected. The hills overlooking all of this are much more attractive, with colourful rows of houses on winding tree-lined streets. I drove part of the way towards The Mumbles, at the western end of Swansea Bay, and then turned back to the ferry terminal for the inevitable and interminable queue.

I discovered earlier this year that I had ancestors born in Swansea about 200 years ago, but haven't made much headway with tracing their story to Australia. I did wonder if they had left for the southern hemisphere from this port sometime in the early 19th century.

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