Thursday, May 25, 2006

Samuel Jones, engineer

[Monday] Dropped into the National Archives at Kew again to look through the family tree software in their store. I've been mainly relying on online services to date, but that tends to fall apart when I'm travelling away from reliable internet connections. Agonised over whether to get Roots Magic over Family Tree Maker but finally tooked the latter as it had better online integration, and it looked like the data CD extras were superior. As it turned out those were of little use but I did quickly turn up a birthplace for my triple-great grandfather Samuel Jones. He had a Cornish wife and children born everywhere from Aberystwyth, Wales to Coniston in the Lake District, while his career progressed from millwright to canal engineer to mining engineer. A couple of badly transcribed census reports located his birthplace as Tavistock, Devon a market-town north of Plymouth on the western edge of Dartmoor National Park.

That was the extent of my findings that day, unfortunately the FTM databases (linked to the Mormon resources) are annoyingly saturated with US data sources, so even if I'm searching on those who lived and died on British soil, the software still returns hundreds of records from the Tennessee Heavy Petting Roster 1611-1713 etc.

I was able to update the coloured chart from my previous blog-entry now that I knew Samuel was English-born rather than Welsh.

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