Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bloomsday @ Dún Laoghaire | Glendalough

Drove with Chris & Bondi down the Dublin coast-road to Dún Laoghaire. Parking next to a tiny headland beach, just south of the man-made harbour, we walked around to 40 Foot Gentleman's bathing site.

Nearby, Bloomsday celebrations were commencing at the Joyce Tower, and we walked past just as various fans of Joyce's Ulysses arrived via pony & trap in period dress for readings. We just played silly buggers on the rocks down from the tower, including a "landing" on the little concrete walkway painted up like a aeroplane runway.

On my last visit to Dublin in '97, Vance took me to the Glendalough site in the Wicklow mountains to the south. I thought Chris might enjoy this, and so after an easy drive we strolled out through the lovely Wicklow countryside. First it was past the Hermit's round tower, and then a circuit past the lakes.

The trees on this ridge look like they are lined up to jump off the end, lemming-fashion.

Meanwhile, Bondi had a great time swimming around, and then being accosted by a large group of kids on a school outing. I thought I'd try to get Chris to recreate a photo (below) I had taken by one of the lakes back in '97, but I couldn't remember the exact spot or pose...

After we were done there, we crossed back to Wicklow town for lunch.

In the evening I had a second phone interview with Google, which seemed to go fairly well even though I was pretty tired after what had turned into a long day.

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