Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finding Omo

One of the lovelier advertisements I've seen in recent years, is this Italian aquarama for the Ariston Aqualtis clothes-washer.

Music Vangelis: "Ask the Mountains" from the album Voices. Lyrics/Vocal: Stina Nordenstam

Video download (48 seconds, 8MB):
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I finished reading Damien Broderick's novel Transcension, which is an alternate take on the social-technological singularity written about by the likes of Stross, Vinge and Egan. Australian Broderick has also written a non-fictional account, published as The Spike. Stross's tiddlywiki account of the nerdly rapture posits everyone being uploaded into their pocket calculators, and presumably disappearing into a breastpocket vortex.

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  1. Oh, that more television advertisments in this Country could be as this.

    Simply wonderful.

    Came to your Blog through Neocounter, btw.