Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's a stretch...

The thing I've missed most on my travels is the other big black & white object in my life, albeit less hirsute. After a day of working around Parcelfarce's delivery antics, I finally took order of a Casio digital piano, weighing in at only 11 kg. I've had a short noodle around on it with some of my newer pieces of sheetmusic, but even by 10am it was getting too hot even for that relatively sedentary activity.

Last night a short burst of rain and thunderstorm brought both a cooling breeze and a panic-stricken malamute to my sleep. This week's record-breaking temperatures haven't been kind to Bondi, who has had only a few brief outings to shady trees and a dip in the Thames near Kew Bridge. Chris spent 3 days near Leicester dealing with the heat in wetsuit and heavy dive gear to qualify for his Scuba Diver Instructor certificate.

The rest of the country have been taking to the parks and sunbaking like suicidal lobsters. My friend Robbie has suggested I take advantage of their vulnerability by taking my piano and busking Margarita Pracatan-style. Unfortunately I took my boa to Ireland and St Patrick got rid of it.

Read Daniel Tammet's Born on a Blue Day, an account of someone with Asperger's and savant syndrome. It's a quick read but a little unsatisfactory after Temple Grandin's more insightful book. On the fiction side, I've just done with David Marusek's Counting Heads which reads like Brave New World, crossed with Kurt Anderson's Turn of the Century: the detail turned out to be more interesting than the over-arching narrative(s), so it seemed less than the sum of its very fine parts.Posted by Picasa

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