Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tennis, tavern and tales of long ago

Very brief bout of tennis tonight - after half an hour of batting balls around in the rapidly diminishing twilight, we retired to the Ealing Park Tavern for some pops and a bowl of water. Chris has been complaining that he's only appeared 0.021 times in the blog, and so as a token of love (nooooo, not fear of wrathful retribution) I've done this dumb collage to show that he is truly dynamic and has a lervly smile. OK you can let go of my arm now. owwwwwwww

FYI Bondi's lousy at darts.
In other news, I've been contacted by a man who is writing a book about the rapid development of women's swimming in the UK during the first decade of the 20th century.

He is keen to learn about my great grandmother, Melbourne-born Beatrice Kerr. She toured through South Australia and Western Australia, competing in swimming matches (always winning) and demonstrating her aquatic technique. She then passed through Africa and arrived in the UK, 100 years ago this month. I've learnt from newspaper reports that at one of her first appearances in the north of England, 30,000 spectators turned up to watch her swim around a lake. This at the tender age of 17.

Sixty years on, the last picture shows her holding me, next to my parents and grandmother. I'm not sure who the stooped gent is...maybe her diving instructor. 

[Postscript: it’s my great grandfather Walter Pearson]


  1. Llyn Williams7:19 am

    Michael - the stooped gent in the picture is your great grandfather Walter Harold Pearson. That side of the family could be another family tree project! - Llyn

  2. His lineage is one of the most difficult to trace. See the chart here from my May 21 entry at:

  3. Hi Micheal
    It's your cousin Lee here.
    As a much younger girl...Hmmm
    some 20 years ago, our funny, adorable Grandmother had a copy of
    a book (hardcover) that was published about the history, or some of it, of our family.
    Maybe there is some more diverse connections in there for your research. - Lee

  4. Hi Lee!!

    I have that book and have captured all of the information in it, about the Videon family. Unfortunately it doesn't go back in time very far before those people arrived in Australia from England and Germany.

    However since that time I have communicated with distant relatives who share these common ancestors, and they have provided information on a line going back to the 16th century in Germany. See this entry: