Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back in Newkassle

My first "real-time" post in a while... sitting in the foyer of my hotel where the wifi is free. There's a wedding reception going on about 20 feet away and an incredibly unfortunate set of clothing choices is parading past me moment to moment. Thank God I can't see the dancing...

The weather wasn't nice enough to visiting the jousting at Tynemouth Priory, but perhaps tomorrow...

Other than that, meandered around central Newkassle with Bondi, past a Welsh fortune-telling gypsy in a caravan, over the Millennium Bridge ... had a nice lunch at Cafe some nice sale CDs from Windows' store. I got chucked out of the Baltic Arts Centre by an officious young woman for having a dog that caused people discomfort (that explained the patting and photo-taking) and allergies (in a big public space??). She and the similar woman at the Blasket Centre in Ireland remind me of one of those TV super-nannies, particularly after seeing so many graffitied queries in Dublin: "Are we living in a nanny state?"

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