Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birdoswald to Carlisle

Saturday 12th August [Hadrian Day 6]

We caught the bus from Carlisle back to Birdoswald, a good 40 minute journey. The path initially skips in and out of cow-pastures, so we just decided to stick to the road until after Banks.

I was still thinking about splitting this section to Carlisle over 2 days, but by the time I reached the only bus-stop between Banks and Carlisle, we would be so close to done that it wasn't worth it and we continued on directly into our B&B.

No bovine dramas today, but we did encounter a little backyard donkey and were followed down a field by an inquisitive squadron of sheep, who would pause and look meaningfully at some grass whenever I turned around to check out their cat-like tread behind me.

The 17 miles we walked today was broken up with a lunch at the Centurion Inn at Walton, and ginger beer at The Stag Inn at Crosby-on-Eden. Just after there we hit the Eden River and followed its looping course into central Carlisle. Bondi snuck into the river at one point - feinting towards some whippets playing high up on its banks, and then suddenly darting over the edge. He was halfway across the river before I reached the edge.

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