Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Crapping on with the English

No I still haven't written anything.

Still nothing. at least, not worth reading

your [sic] rubbish

Please sod off (says Hugh Grant to Julia Roberts in Notting Hill on TV at this moment).

i know how he feels

What? nibbling JR's neck?


Ah Chris my non sequitur

i haven't had diarrhoea for ages

that's enough of the crap
I've almost got my next 3 weeks mapped out: York for 3 days, then I've left an ample 8 days to walk across England from Tynemouth to Bowness-on-Solway, followed by a few days up on the Northumbrian coast, back to Newcastle It's Newkassle not Newcarstle. for a weekend, and then a leisurely few days in Coniston in the Lake District.

In channel-flipping-news, it transpires that Uri Geller is now psychically commanding shopaholics across the nation to tune into his sales spiel for crappy jewellery, presumably crafted from old spoons he had twisted up.
Desperate Caller on line 1: I'm so glad I caught you today, I was too late to catch the last show.
Uri {thinks}: Because I stopped all the clocks in your house.
None of this was captured in Kate Fox's intrepid investigation of English mores Watching the English, but it's a very informative and often laugh-out-loud funny read nonetheless.
Listening to bits of Kate Bush, Debbie Harry et al rendered in Andrew Sisters harmonies, as channelled via The Puppini Sisters.

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