Friday, August 19, 2005

Northumbrian rain

Woke to a very misty morning, which became thunder & lightning by 10am and heavy rain that barely flagged all day. All this put paid to a boat-ride out to the Farne Islands, so we drifted into Alnwick so I could browse through Barter Books again, and make another attempt to check email.

Leaving Bondi in the car, out of the continuing deluge, I hop between cafes, escaping one which had a horrendous stream of pop hits for pan-pipe ("Barbie Girl" and Take That's "I Want You Back") playing.
With no particular plan, I headed in the direction of Amble, visiting Warkworth Castle, home of the Harry "Hotspur" Percy of Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1. I didn't bother stopping in Amble, and headed back up the coast to Dunstanburgh Castle. I had to park a mile down the coast and walk through a few sheep fields to reach the crumbling remains of this cliffside fortress. Both castles had slimy green walls in places and tower bases rapidy pooling with rainwater. The only dry places in Warkworth were the beer cellar (with Bondi, above) and the wine cellar.

Finally back to Bamburgh, and our lodgings at the Mizen Head pub. Bondi strode in and took a detour in the main bar where the staff were congregating, plopped himself down amidst them and put on his "aren't I gorgeous" act.

Later in the evening I took Bondi back to the bar area for dinner. I remember 4 other dogs being through there during the meal and not a noise from any of them.

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