Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Snakes and Laughter

Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blogge, and naturally writes of Serpentes on a Shippe (beware spoylerez)

Mad Scientist Laugh competition:

Bridging some of the gap betwixt these is this set of talks between Clive James and Peter Porter on humour in literature. I've just finished reading Dan Simmons' massively shambolic brace of volumes (Ilium & Olympos ) retrofitting Homer in a space opera milieu with sprinklings of Shakespeare and Proust. I wasn't too happy with the second volume, which went on far too long. You might like the first if you can deal with one character referring to (the greek god) Apollo in his chariot as a deus ex machina....

Now watching a free online doco about Ridley Scott's making of Blade Runner.

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