Sunday, August 06, 2006


Friday 5th August

Walked back into central York via the Barbican Centre. Since London also has a Barbican, I was curious as to the source of the name. Apparently, it's a fortified output, typically outside a walled city like York. There are a couple of dozen surviving barbicans strewn across Europe, from Ireland to Lithuania.

We weren't able to take the city-wall route into town as dogs aren't allowed on the York walls. This is understandable as the elevated path is much narrower (and open on one side) than the walls of Chester or Londonderry were Bondi has promenaded before.

Chris took us to the Museum gardens, which somehow evoked a city park in Hobart, Tasmania I'd visited 2 years ago. There were other references to that area that cropped up over the weekend - placenames like Derwent, Sandyford, ...

After that I was directed to a point on the walls where I could get views of the towers of York Minster.

We spent the afternoon wandering around Chris' university campus dodging goose poo. If avian flu ever takes root in this country, then this campus will be the petri dish nurturing it.

In the evening we walked from the guest-house alongside the river Ouse (pronounced ooze) to Clifford's Tower, site of a massacre of the local Jewry in 1190.

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