Saturday, September 09, 2006

With apologies to Pain de Viande

I went out with Chris to have a few drinks at a pub in Putney to celebrate a workmate's birthday. Mid-evening, Chris began improvising French translations of English pop-songs - basically throwing a challenge to a mildly inebriated crowd to translate on the fly.

My opening gambit was a poorly thought out version of Bat out of Hell, but I couldn't think of the French word for 'bat', so the opening line became:
Comme un chat de vol hors d'enfer
Like a flying cat out of Hell
Two people at my table nearly died.*

The only other real challenge (besides a very silly attempt on Rhapsodie Bohemienne) was to get an appropriate translation of "rock & roll" - which became "pierre et baguette" (stone and bread roll) or the more alliterative "pierre et pain" (stone and bread).

*For the inquisitive bat->batte ie
Comme une batte hors d'enfer
although in lieu of that
Comme un renard de vol hors d'enfer
Like a Flying Fox out of Hell
might have been a better attempt from me. sigh.

Blurry harvest moon from Putney Bridge

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