Sunday, September 10, 2006

Flight 714 pour Sydney

The next few days will mainly be spent packing for my trip back to Sydney, where I guess I'll be for 4-6 weeks working on a better UK visa. It's getting very wearying getting the third degree from the Home Office every time I come back into the UK because my passport is neither stamped on the way out, nor is it stamped on the way into other European countries.
Consequently they assume I've never gone for more than a day. It's amazing that I have to fly half way around the world just for some ink on paper to formalize me as a tourist or possibly skilled migrant worker. But apparently lack of exit control at UK ports won't be rectified for a couple more years. Continental Europe isn't much better - French and Spanish embassies demand that Australians fly to Sydney/Canberra for a very brief interview for even an extension on a tourist visa.

So, anyway, Bondi goes into a boarding kennel on Monday, which I'm already very sad about, and I'm sure he will be very sad about too. We've been living like siamese-twins for the last few years, and we've never been separated for this long in 8 years. Of course I will be sad to leave Chris as well, but at least I have had a couple of months to explain why I'm gone - not something I can do for Bondi.

On Tuesday I hope to get a standby flight through to Sydney, and ultimately arrive on Thursday am, Sydney time. Besides twiddling my thumbs during the visa process - and of course seeing friends & family - I hope to spend some time clearing out my storage locker, and doing some family research in local libraries. I hope I can get access to the trunk of my great-grandmother's effects to garner some historical detail for a book being written back in the UK

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