Saturday, September 30, 2006

NSW Luncheon Menace Committee Report 2006

At some point this week,everyone I know in Sydney woke up and decided to arrange breakfast, lunch or dinner with me over the coming days. I'm concerned that within a week, my fingers will be too pudgy to blog legibly. Some meals take their toll more than others: my solicitor Adrian and I have a long lunch every six months or so when I'm in town, and yesterday's 3 hour effort at the Dolphin Hotel wiped me out for the rest of the day. Or maybe it was my dental checkup just prior to lunch, with the good news that a 20 year old filling needed a $800+ replacement to see me into my 60s. Any more costs like that and I'll be munching soup through my dotage.

I had another festive hour in my storage locker shuffling dusty furniture and rates from one side to the other as I sought my framed Master's degree certificate, my PADI diving accreditation and some other odd pieces. Miraculously my 1987 PADI card turned up amongst a 20 year-old rats-nest of business cards, movie tickets and other desk drawer fauna. I also tripped over my great-grandmother's 1908 lifesaving medal and her son's from 1925.

This evening was set aside to dine with some uncles & aunts, one pair of whom surprised me with a bag full of memorabilia belonging to my great-grandparents, including:
  • a Canadian swimming text book "Swimming" by T.W. Sheffield, inscribed to Beatrice, who appears in two photographic plates, one seated and the other "diving from a height of 60 feet". The latter is used in silhouette form on the cover of the book. She's also mentioned in "A Chapter for Ladies", along with her brother-in-law Mr Redmond (her manager, I believe).

  • Summary of NSW Shark Menace Committee's Report 1929.

  • Souvenir Programme (32pp) of Grand Jubilee Gala for Brighton Swimming Club, 8th October 1910, including Event No.6 "Exhibition of Diving by Miss Beatrice Kerr" , Illustrations of the following Dives, &c. :- Plain Header - Running Buck Dive - Stand-sit Dive - Stand-sit-stand Dive - Waterwheel - Back-front Dive - Front Rolling Dive Spinning Top - Swallow Dive - Revolving - Wooden Soldier - Australian Splosh - Back Stand-sit Somersault - High Dive."

Dinner itself was a raging success. I always enjoy dining with my extended family, and the meal from the Razor's Edge in Enmore hit the spot with everyone. My aunt Marie said I "was getting more and more like that guy who did The Ideal Husband."

Oh, Oscar Wilde" I say, hopefully.

"No, the actor"

"Rupert Everett" oh well.

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  1. That man in that picture there, he's doing a Gea-Tchy Hummingbird. He's a pioneer!