Friday, October 21, 2005

...and onwards

I have a vague recollection of today being the anniversary of the Sydney Opera House being opened in 1973. My great grandmother had just died and we made the (then long) journey to Sydney for the funeral. So it was that from a grassy knoll under the northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge that I got to hear the Queen officially open the building.

Back at school today, into the welcome arms of the Complementary Indirecto and the Imperativo Afirmativo, undoubtedly inquisitorial friends of Torquemada who for our sins, got honorary mentions in Spanish grammar ever after.

I have requested that the school allow me to finish up in Salamanca earlier so that I could continue studies in San Sebastian. This is so that (1) I can get some better veterinary treatment for Bondi; (2) I can get a more comfortable bed; and (3) so I don´t go out of my head from boredom in Salamanca. While the town oozes history, there isn´t a lot going on here for someone who´s not a local (or at least more fluent in Spanish than I) or isn´t part of the 18-22yr old set of students cruising the streets every night.

So, I´ll finish up here in the next week, and Jokin has graciously allowed to me to bide in Pamplona temporarily while alternate school/apartment arrangements can be made in San Sebastian.

Just began Jonathan Safran Foer´s Everything is Illuminated: great fun!

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