Friday, October 20, 2006

Back in the UKKR

Touched down at Heathrow early yesterday morning. I had another gruelling Q&A with UK Home Office, concerned that "I was spending too much time outside my own country". I just get the feeling that a 1950s mentality pervades - everyone between 18 and 65 should be in full time employment in a single country apart from their once-in-a-decade overseas excursion via the Woman's Weekly World Discovery Tour.

Chris picked me up and I dropped him off at work before heading back out to Windsor to collect Bondi. I think he could hear me outside: when I looked over the fence into his kennel, I could see him standing up against the wire, rumbling and howling his interest. He was looking very healthy, and the kennel staff were sorry to see him go.

This afternoon I was sitting outside Munson's in Ealing Road. Parents were picking up their kids from school, so the Bondi:children lovefest was well in progress. A little girl said "you sound like Steve Irwin".

[Crikey!] Maybe that's because I'm Australian too.

He's not Australian!

Yes he is.

[runs off] Mum! Mum! Steve Irwin's Australian!


  1. He's not a Californian? Mom!

  2. Welcome back! Bondi isn't the only one to miss you.