Friday, October 13, 2006

Family matters

After a quick morning dip in my uncle's pool (after he'd finished skimming it for possible submarine spiders waiting to suck Dutch liqueur from my veins), I had a brief 2 hours skimming viruses from my aunt's PC. Then it was south again to Crows Nest to lunch with my cousins at a pretty nice Thai restaurant. I tried to tell my god-daughter Sophie that the curled up orange fibres on the salad plate was clown's hair, but she was not going to take any of my BS: "What the hell?" (her current favourite phrase) "That's CAR-ROT!!"

The remainder of the afternoon was split between working VHS->PC->DVD transfers of Three Men and a Baby Episodes (with special attention paid to those where Phil and his brother Craig (on bass) performed jazzed-up versions of the classics) and making a big effort to track down a death certificate for my great-great grandmother Eliza Sophia.

The last mention I'd found of her was as a witness at the wedding of daughter Beatrice in Sydney in 1912. I tried to find records for the widowed Mrs Kerr in both her native Victoria and in NSW, without success. The other avenues seemed to be re-marriage or possibly a move to the UK.

At the same time I found that her daughter Elsie May had another child (Melville, survived one year) and her first-born Thomas, who I had thought to be another early death, was still around at age 10. A marriage certificate for Eliza Sophia to a much older grazier, William Silvanus Cheshire in 1918 showed that she had been living with her daughter's family in Victoria at the time.

So, then I went looking for a death certificate for Eliza Sophia Cheshire. No luck. Widowed again in less than 2 years, she married John Burr Haynes in 1923. He expired 18 months later, and she took on husband #4 William Philipps* in 1926. Finally Eliza Sophia CLARK KERR CHESHIRE HAYNES PHILIPPS passed away in 1933.

*That's the way it's spelled, although some of the public records differ.

I'm quoted in Phil's most recent SX column on "Boytox".
Vale to Linda Nagle's malamute Betsy who died last week at age 12.

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