Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am Ollie, you are Sven

After a trip to the barber to redress yesterday's bad hair day,as evidenced from my picture next to the mocked-up Eric Idle painting, I started back in to my family researches.

Of recent generations, the biggest gaps are in my Pearson/Lyons ancestry deriving initially from South Australia, and thence onto Sweden and probably Ireland. A helpful fellow - Tony - on a community board at Genes Reunited proved to be very helpful in looking up all the recorded siblings of my great-grandfather Walter Pearson, last seen looking rather stooped over in an old photo from the 1960s. Tony also thinks that Walter's mother Annie Lyons, could have been born Bridget Annie Lyons. This in retrospect makes some sense, as Walter's sister Annie Eleanor was known as Nellie, presumably to distinguish her from her mother.

Armed with the the names of the 5 children: Sven Laurence, Annie Eleanor, Charles Alfred, Walter Har[r]old & Francis Olof and the knowledge that many of them moved from Adelaide to Melbourne and Sydney, I did some poking around in the corresponding registry archives:
  • Sven married Beatrice from Victoria in 1919 and they ended up in Sydney, Sven dying in Waverley in 1949. Beatrice died in Bondi in 1970.
  • Annie Eleanor became Annie Helena (both middle-names becoming Nellie), marrying William Garfield Hamilton in 1911. He died in Balmain in 1962, she in 1969.
  • Charles seems to have brought his wife (Eleanor? Ella?) to Sydney as well, and died in Manly in 1957.
  • Francis Olof became Frank Olaf and died in Gosford in 1958.
Some of the records indicate their father Sven was known as Carl Sven, or Sven Olaf. Maybe some certificates will clear it up. Sometimes his name his mistranscribed as Ivan or Swen, which makes searches on children of Sven less successful than they ought to be. It all sounds like a particularly disturbing Ren & Stimpy episode.

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