Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Like falling off a blog

Oft' reminded by some of my readers that I don't exist if I haven't written something for the day, I should do a little update for their sake.

I have one week left in Sydney before flying off to London, which for now is already absorbed with three lunches, one dental appointment, a night at the theatre, two dinners, a meeting with a librarian, a job informational, transferring some ancient Ruby Wax and Three Men & A Baby Grand TV series VHS tapes to DVD, organising paperwork regarding my illustrious work and educational history, various trips to my storage locker and my final 14 draughts of antipodean espresso.

The remaining 160 hours will probably be mostly spent coaching Phil through various issues with his MacBook, minutes after I've learnt to solve them myself. The upside is that I get to hear the gestation of the upcoming Revue Sans Frontiers, as I'll miss the actual run of the show.
This evening I saw Priscilla again, seated a bit further back in the stalls, which turned out to give me better sight-lines for some of the action atop the bus. It was a much more "general public" audience than my Saturday night premiere, firing ping-pong balls with the "luvvie" crowd, but the buzz was very enthusiastic. I picked up a navy singlet from the merchandise outlet, requiring me to ask for "an extra-large cock in a frock on a rock", as the clothing all seems to be cut on the small-side. Afterwards we went around to stage door to collect Trevor Ashley who plays Miss Understanding, and took him up the road for an after-show round.

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  1. Anonymous9:35 pm

    hmmm, hereing rehreasals - I am sure you will be able to find the review on Youtube given the exciting new mac technology Phil has aquaired

    the other M