Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Wild Colonial Fish Shop

Pursuing family history can be a full time activity. With every generation you progress to, the number of individuals doubles. Luckily there's a constant stream of new data, new sources to investigate.

Just doing a random web-search can be very helpful, and you never know what new item may surface 6 months later. I've looked up "Pearson's Fish Cafes" before but never found anything: tonight, I found this archival photograph of the Sydney outlet at 173 Pitt St, taken some time in the 1920s-30s. That address places it between Martin Place and King St.

I was also advised by that UK phone books from 1880-1984 have been made available online, with coverage of London now and more counties being added over time. This may be of great assistance in tracking family into the 20th century past the current cut-off dates for public availability of census and Birth/Marriage/Death data.

While I was killing time pre-dentist today, I browsed the shelves at Pulp, a secondhand bookstore on King Street. I was pleased to find a very cheap (albeit jacket-less) hardback copy of the Australian classic, "Midnite, The Story of a Wild Colonial Boy" by Randolph Stow, illustrated by Ralph Steadman. It was one of my favourite Australian tall-story books, along with Alan Marshall's "Whispering in the Wind".

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