Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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I visited the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle this morning. A definite oversight from my previous visits to Dublin, it was European Museum of the Year in 2002. Both the main collection of printed material and religious artefacts, and the special exhibition "Chinese Printmaking Today" were outstanding. The latter was adopted from an earlier British Library exhibition.

The Chester Beatty also houses the fantastic Silk Road Café, which yielded the best meal I've had in Dublin by far. The less said about last night's pre-movie spag bog, "salad" and "bruschetta" the better.

In the afternoon I visited the National Museum of Ireland's Archaeology & History Collection, of which the absolute highlight had to be the bog bodies. It is rather eerie being in the presence of these leathery remains which appear to have been sloughed off by their Iron Age owners. Unlike skeletal or mummified remains, these collapsed bodies retain the soft contours of once-living flesh.
Tremendous chook a l'orange dinner from Meme this evening. I prefer to remember it over the strange Irishized pan au chocolate I had at breakfast, which seemed to have been loaded up with supersweet Nutella. Pan O'Chocolate anyone?

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