Monday, November 06, 2006

Chris in charge, to be sure

Flew into Dublin this morning to visit my friends Vance and Meme. The adjacent photos show the last bit of land sighted before crossing the Irish Sea, but I haven't worked out where it is exactly - it looks more like the tip of Cornwall then any peninsulas on the "as the crow flies route". You figure it out.

After lunch, Meme and I left Vance to watch some football on TV while we went to inspect the Sunday trash and treasuretrash market at Blackrock. In the evening we went down to Temple Bar where football fans armed threateningly with take-away lattes were saunting in a mildly overstimulated way through the cobbled streets. We had a so-so Mexican meal, which didn't really reflect any cuisine further south of any border other than that between counties Waterford and Cork.
Chris is tending to Bondi's pooblutions while I'm away.

A reader, Hermann has forwarded me a picture of the ship Pauline that my father's mother's German ancestors travelled to Australia on in the mid 19th century. Details here in German and machine-translated English. Thanks Hermann!

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