Sunday, November 19, 2006

To South Shields

After overnighting in Wigan, I completed the drive to Chris' place in South Shields. I've crossed over this countryside once or twice before, but today's journey was particularly memorable. Autumnal colour, a sprinkling of snow on the Dales before turning off at Penrith, capped with a burst of sunshine near Scotch Corner.

Chris took us on a long walk over the hills toward the sea, up to one of the highest points in South Tyneside. We could see a rainbow falling onto Tynemouth Priory to the north, where Bondi and I had started our Hadrian's Wall coast-to-coast walk about 3 months ago, and had subsequently watched a re-enactment of a medieval tournament.
Today we skirted the limestone cliffs and descended to Marsden Bay where several stacks stand, including the surviving remnant of the Marsden Rock arch which in its heyday hosted bands or choral services.

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