Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Worms of Euston Square

One thing I miss about Seattle is the ample opportunities it presented to attend book-readings at venues all over town: Bailey & Coy on Capitol Hill, the University of Washington bookstore, or Elliott Bay Books down near Pioneer Square.

Joe's Friends cafe up in Ealing has begun hosting some book evenings, and I was fortunate to catch William Sutton presenting his novel The Worms of Euston Square. I haven't yet had a chance to dive into this tale of Victorian sabotage, scandal & stink, but if it has anything of the brio of his reading or exposition of how the book came to be written, then I'm sure I'll enjoy it immensely. The reviews on Amazon and from The Scotsman have been uniformly enthusiastic.

The discussions and Q&A turned to matters of Victorian gay slang like Polari, hydraulic engineering, and toshers. Just the thing for a cold Wednesday evening in Ealing.

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  1. While trawling through some old posts, I tripped over a reference to this book. By a happy coincidence, I found that "The Worms of Euston Square" has been republished this week as "The Devil of Euston Square", to launch a series of Victorian crime novels about its protagonist Campbell Lawless.

    More here: