Friday, December 08, 2006

Donkeys' Years

Chris and I went with friends Andrew & Garry to see the first revival of Michael Frayn's 30yr-old farce about a college reunion: Donkeys' Years. Although he may be possibly better known for his serious plays Copenhagen and Democracy, or novels such as Headlong, this early work is a precursor to the absolutely hilarious Noises Off, subsequently made into a film. Donkeys' Years is thinner fare, but is kept alive by a very talented cast.

This February will be the 25th anniversary of my having started university and my residential college is having a sleep-over reunion for students from that period. Unfortunately, it's on at the same time as my week in Sweden, so I might have to wait for the 2032 event. Disturbing thought: I'm now as old as my father was when he drove me up to Sydney to start my new life there.

On my travelling bookshelf, alongside Michael Frayn's new book The Human Touch, I have James Morrow's historical satire The Last Witchfinder. In a recent interview Morrow writes:
For me, the great irony of our time is that even as Bush is denouncing Darwin, condemning stem-cell research as blasphemy, and encouraging what he calls 'faith-based initiatives,' his administration is hoping against hope that something resembling a rational, secular, post-Enlightenment republic will emerge in Iraq. It's a towering irony.

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